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Attract Your Niche for Authors Using Social Media

Master dominating a TARGETED “Niche Market” building relationships with the “Right People” for your business vs. wasting your efforts with people who will waste your time and energy.

Bardi Toto Drake is a NY Times Best Selling Author, Her latest Book is The Power of Asking “Creating All That You Deserve”Voted #2 out of the top 100 Branding Experts to follow on twitter and online. Bardi has been featured on Good Morning Texas, ABC,CBS and NBC television, a variety of radio shows including CBS Radio and in several business magazines which have strengthened her proven track record helping Authors, Professional businesses effectively use Social Media.

She is loving mom of 2 boys, an everyday hero recognized on out of Millions of people for her Gratitude, Determination and Making a difference in the world. Bardi is the founder and CEO of a Branding and Marketing Agency, known for her Trademarked program The Invisible Branding Method, world renowned mentoring program, The Power of Asking amongst other programs. Her Passion is helping others impact lives and to make a difference.

Bardi’s strategies will get you instant FAST results following her methods. NOBODY online  is using these “out of the box” techniques. She has a proven track record and her success is social proof!

This is how she became a NY Times Best Selling Author. Became a best seller on Amazon in less than 2 hrs in the top 3 Categories Amazon has, Has been featured on TV, Radio, and internationally recognized for her foundation Kids for Gratitude, among other things. Voted #2 out of the top 100 Branding experts to follow on twitter and online. Voted 1 of the top 100 Famous Entrepreneurs.

Boost Your Business Virtually Overnight With LIVE Training and Courses that include videos that will walk you step by step.

Let her Simple And Proven  Social Media Niche Domination Formula Help You Build Your Business In Just Minutes A Day. She will  Guide You Personally step by step.

Many Participants Report Making Sales, Building the right relationships instantly Within 24 Hours Of Our First Session.

Tap Into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  And Periscope, Connect With the “RIGHT PEOPLE” Daily Targeting a “NICHE MARKET”

From a growing international pool of over 4.2 BILLION people to chose from, you’ll learn how to network with the people who you need and who need you. Whether you are a celebrity, Author, Entrepreneur, small business  want what you’re selling.

You’ll learn where to find them, how to INSTANTLY connect with them. You Have Entered the No HYPE, NO BULL,  NO FLUFF “NO FAILURE ZONE”

From the Desk of Bardi Toto Drake, NY Times Best Seller , Attraction Marketing Strategist, Founder of The Invisible Branding Method and Social Media Niche Domination.

YES! Your Book Is Done! If you have been around for any length of time you have heard that now you need to build an “author platform on social media”.

This is a way for you to get the word out about your amazing book and to sell more copies.

You found this course and are going to have a step by step guide on how to set up your social media empire!

This Strategy is Step by Step how I became a NY Times Best Selling Author and how I have not spent a dime on PR. I have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC TV as well as numerous radio shows without spending anything! How did I do it? Social Media and targeting a niche audience.

You’ve heard it a million times (or at least several hundred times): Authors need to use social media as part of their online marketing strategy.

I’m sure you’ve seen lists of reasons why, but let’s look at the most important reasons social media is so important for authors:

  • It will refer traffic to your blog, website, the landing page for your books, and Amazon
  • There is a large community of indie authors who are willing to help you promote your book and form supportive alliances
  • You’ll find new readers on social media.
  • Social media helps you to market your books.
  • You can get to know professionals who can show you how to improve your book marketing efforts, write better blog posts, tune up your author website, and more efficiently use social media.
  • You’ll can also meet editors, designers, book reviewers and bloggers, and publicists.
  • Over time, social media will help you to build your community.
  • You’ll meet readers who can become your “Super Fans” or belong to your “Street Team.”
  • When you host giveaways and contests, you’ll need social media to spread the word.
  • With social media, you can inform your followers and readers about new blog posts you write.
  • Social media will allow you to build relationships with your readers.
  • Social media allows you You can sell to a worldwide audience.
  • Now let’s look at the reverse scenario.

This is what happens when you don’t use social media:

  • Friends, colleagues, and family members can still purchase books from you.
  • You might be able to sell to readers in your local community, and through local bookstores and coffee shops, but the success of your online sales is likely to be limited.
  • There is no Number 3.

What You Will Learn:

  • Connect with followers/potential book buyers
  • Promote your book so you can become a recognized authority in your field
  • Profit from your book so you can live the life you deserve
  • Building relationships with influencers
  • Increasing visibility for you and your book(s)
  • Creating “buzz” (particularly for pre-release titles)
  • Reigniting public interest in books that have already enjoyed their first wave of coverage
  • Calling attention to your book and expertise when your subject matter is in the news or when your book’s biggest sales season is about to begin

Authors Who Use Social Media Successfully

The Internet abounds with examples of authors who use social media to further their publishing careers. Success can be defined in two ways: Some people publish books to expand their clientele and business; others use it to have successful writing careers. In other words, they get to quit their proverbial day job and focus on their writing.

Let’s look at examples of successful authors:

  • Bardi Toto Drake is the author of The Power of Asking . She’s also a New York Times bestselling author and, has successfully used YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Twitter. Bardi was also voted #2 out of the top branding experts to follow on Twitter and online. Has 84k Twitter Followers
  • Joanna Penn, thriller and nonfiction author. She loves to use Twitter, where she has 65,300 followers. Joanna is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.K.
  • Anne R. Allen is the author of eight comic novels and has a wildly successful blog.
  • Charles Duhigg is the author of The Power of Habit. He began as an Indie author, joined Goodreads, started a group, was noticed by a publisher, and became a New York Times bestselling author. He’s now the author of two books.

How to Get Off to the Right Start on Social Media

Where do most people make mistakes? As soon as they open their social media accounts. Whether they decide to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another network, it’s important to think about how you want to portray yourself online, but most important how to get a Niche Audience, get leads and traffic chasing you and most important recognition from media sources…Radio and TV

How To Build A Social Media Empire (Amazing Authors Series)

This online course is made just for authors. Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction author, you have to have a way to reach your current readers (raving fans) AND new readers who want to buy your books.

>> The class includes step by step “How To” videos, real life examples and even a BONUS hashtag cheat sheet. It is a great start for building your marketing empire!

>> Get immediate access…this is an online course that will be available whenever you are! As soon as you sign up you will get a welcome email where you will get instant access to videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Instagram

>> Made for authors! This is not some kind of high-level marketing course that will be over your head, instead it is made for authors who need to know practically all the pieces of getting their social media set up.

Whether you have one book or several, this course is for YOU!

Some of the things you will learn, and this is just barely touching it :


  • Let me show you How I have not spent a dime in 8 years on advertising and have only used Social Media, branding and attraction marketing
  • 20 Step by Step Over the Shoulder “How to” Videos (No Failure Zone)
  • Learn why Facebook Pages are NOT Working for you
  • How to attract a Niche Market with several “out of the box” strategies
  • How to build relationships with the “Right” people who want your product, service or business
  • How to Use the same Demographics Facebook Ads Uses For Free
  • Reigniting public interest in books that have already enjoyed their first wave of coverage
  • Calling attention to your book and expertise when your subject matter is in the news or when your book’s biggest sales season is about to begin
  • How to use the same strategy Facebook PPC uses without it costing anything
  • You will learn the foundation of Facebook that nobody is using
  • How my clients are creating new business using #hashtags
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook
  • How to stay out of Facebook Jail
  • Learn about the “Million Dollar” Niches on Facebook
Priced Separately Regular $297.00


  • 18 Step by Step Over the Shoulder “How to” Videos (No Failure Zone)
  • I will show you How to Build Instant Viral Long term relationships on twitter
  • I will show you How I implement Gratitude using Social Media
  • I will show you how to ignore the “NOISE” of Twitter surrounding yourself with people who want to work with you
  • I will show you How I got fortune 500 companies to engage and follow me
  • I will show you How I got a Million Dollar Investor for a Client in less than 25 minutes on Twitter
  • I will show you How to get “useful” people following you not “spam”
  • How to Use Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Together to Increase Your Business
  • I will show you how to use #hashtags effectively getting the “Right” people Following you
  • 3 Twitter Sister Sites nobody is using that will explode your business on Twitter
  • I will show you How to only communicate with a “targeted” Niche Audience
  • How to use Effective Engagement on Twitter
  • How to use Demographics on twitter without paying for their Ads
  • How to Use Targeted Keywords to find the “Right” Relationships Free vs Twitter Ads
  • How to Create Events, Coupons and other tools nobody is using on Twitter
  • I will Show you my Biggest Retweet Secret Nobody has used
Priced Separately Regular $297.00


  • How to Use Instagram on the internet vs your phone
  • 18 Step by Step Over the Shoulder “How to” Videos (No Failure Zone)
  • How to Geo Target on Instagram
  • How to build relationships with a “niche audience” on Instagram
  • How to Use Instagram to get business virally, even getting TV and radio Shows
  • I will show you How to use Instagram, twitter, Pinterest all at once for massive exposure
  • I will show you How to use several Instagram “sister” sites getting instant business
  • How to properly engage on Instagram
  • How to build relationships and get business with using #Hashtags the right way
  • How to brand yourself on Instagram setting yourself apart from the rest
  • How to Be FEARLESS on Instagram finding the right #Hashtags for your posts
  • How to Blog on Instagram
  • How to get the recognition of Fortune 500 companies or any company you want to engage with.
  • I will show you various Rare Instagram Apps and Tools online nobody has discovered
Priced Separately Regular $297.00


  • 18 Step by Step Over the Shoulder “How to” Videos Beginner and Advanced
  • Know how to boost your business using live streaming
  • Learn how to use Periscope for your marketing needs
  • Easy-to-understand step by step approach
  • Periscope is Used by thousands
  • Proven and reliable “out of the box” methods
  • How To Install Periscope
  • Tour Of All The Important Features
  • How to Set Up Your Profile For Maximum Branding
  • How to Configure Your Broadcast Settings
  • Using The Perfect Title For Your Scope
  • The 9 Different Types Of Broadcasts on Periscope
  • How to Pick The Perfect Time To Broadcast
  • How To Properly Interact With Your Viewers
  • How to Save & Publish Your Scopes Online
  • How to Use Trending Hashtags To Expand Your Audience
  • How to Start Each Scope With Your Elevator Pitch
  • How to end Each Scope With A Solid Call To Action
  • How To Grow Your Followers On Social Media Accounts
  • How to Grow Your Business With Cross-Promotion
  • Using a Secret Tool To Automate Broadcasts
  • How Build Your Mailing List During Each Broadcast
  • How To Generate Income From Periscope
  • Using Q&A Sessions To Build Authority


Learn how to increase your business by up to 500% promoting your service or product  by making a simple change in the way you use social media implementing Gratitude and dominating a “NICHE MARKET”  Literally change this one thing and the Long quality of  business relationships and profits will come! My  niche marketing secrets for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope will allow you to attract the “RIGHT” people  not the “WRONG” ones so your efforts are not wasted. Your are making the right connections and increasing your profits, not losing money and time because you are not using social media effectively.

This is a simple, yet surefire way to get highly qualified prospects to ask you about your business, build the right relationships and get leads and traffic chasing you!

Bonus: In this  Training Series you will learn:

  • How to Change Your Business in 48 Hours Using "Outside of the Box" Social Media Branding Strategies
  • How to Attract the “USEFUL” people for your product, service or business, not “USELESS”.
  • You will learn the secrets to building INSTANT RELATIONSHIPS with total strangers and how to build a powerful network of loyal, appreciative new friends that will help you accomplish your goals each and every day.
  • You’ll learn how to position yourself as a Leader, Expert and have people chasing you
  • You’ll learn the few simple daily actions you need to use in Social Media to brand yourself, Getting seen instantly online
  • How to implement Gratitude Using Social Media, building Instant Credibility

Reason’s You Want to Attend "Attract Your Niche Using Social Media for Authors Boot camp

What you’ll learn in this Boot Camp will help Change your business and your life  in the next 90 days!

  • Learn how I get Quality People vs Quantity. Who cares if you have Twitter , Facebook, Instagram People if they are the “WRONG” people
  • Learn How to get leads and traffic chasing you immediately.
  • Learn How to use Gratitude and My Power of Asking Strategy to target a laser “Niche Market”
  • Learn How to tweak your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profile so you stand out from everyone else
  • Let me show you HOW to connect with perfect prospects for your business.
  • Let me show you How to Engage, communicate properly using social media
  • Let me show you how I got American Airlines, US Airways, Celebrities, Actors and Fortune 500 Companies following and engaging with me
  • Let me show you How I have not spent a dime in 8 years on advertising and have only used Social Media, branding and attraction marketing
  • Learn How my Clients have made 6 figures using Hashtags

Some of the things you will learn, and this is just barely touching it :


Plus Including my book Secret Triggers for Social Media Success.

You can instantly start implementing these strategies and Get Results

Now, let’s talk about the price…

…how much would it be worth it to you to have the #2 branding and social media strategist in the world  take you by the hand and explain to you exactly how he was able to build a successful business targeting a “Niche Market” , literally sitting next to me in my office, looking at my computer screen and watching me step by step, key by key as I meet people online and show you my techniques and strategies?

The cost to fly to Dallas and learn from me in person over a 3 week period would be at least $20,000 if you include airfare, transportation, food, lodging and my personal coaching time. Even if I offered something like that, which I don’t, it would be out of the budgets of most small business owners looking to grow.

So how do I do make this affordable?

How will you be able to see my computer screen from the comfort of your own home?
When you enroll in my Social Media Niche Domination Boot Camp Course you’ll receive:

IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my library containing these video tutorials

EASY INSTRUCTIONS on how to watch what I’m doing during LIVE webinars. You’ll be able to see what I’m doing right on your computer!

Keep in mind, I will NOT have access to your computer. You will simply be watching me work, teach and show you everything you need directly on MY computer from the comfort of your home, through the magic of LIVE WEBINAR technology. It’s simple, yet very powerful.

The strategies, the techniques, the how to’s that you can apply to your business, and with the ASK BARDI session that come with the package, I will personal look at your page, suggest what needs to be refined with you.

The GOOD NEWS is that while the information covered is easily worth the $20,000 you’d eagerly pay a consultant,or even $5000, which people have previously paid to learn from me. You can participate in this all encompassing 3 week business exploding revolutionary training course is ONLY $497 For all of it


Who this is for….

  • Someone serious about starting a real business and creating profits online!
  • Someone who is serious about taking their business to the next level!
  • Someone who wants a step-by-step approach to the business!
  • Someone who knows that a business is work and is not looking for a get rich quick scheme either!

Who this is not for…

  • Someone who thinks they know it all…
  • Someone who thinks they should be given things for free…
  • Someone who loves to learn, accumulate knowledge but has no intention of taking action…
  • Someone who hates hard work and really just wants easy street…
  • Tire kickers.

Social Media Business Bootcamp training:

How To Become Profitable on Social Media Using Unique Strategies, Bardi calls "The Invisible Branding Method" one of her trademarked products.

Bardi will spend 2 hours going through changes you need to learn and how to attract a targeted audience. #1 how to sell ANY product or service without sounding salesy or fake!

(Normally $97)

Be Fearless Online Marketing Manual
Your Blueprint for Social Media and Branding Success

(Normally $497)

Deep Discount on Branding Packages, Graphics, Whiteboard Animation and WordPress Web Design

(Normally $997)

Customer Testimonials

Within 48 Hrs of Starting her course, I got Niche targeted leads at no cost using strategies I have never seen anybody else teach. Forget Facebook Ads, This is 1000% better! Thank You

Dr. Joanny
Dr. Joanny

Bardi Knows the inside secrets of how to monetize social media effectively. Work with her – she’ll make you money!” Thank You for teaching what nobody else is!

Les Brown
Les Brown

Without Bardi and her Social Media Niche Domination Course, I would not had gotten the international Presence I have obtained. Instead of telling you what to do, she shows you step by step with How to Videos

Shona Davenport Blackthorn
Shona Davenport Blackthorn

I have been a client of Bardi's for 8 years. She is the only one teaching Branding and Social Media strategies that get you fast results. She is transparent and real. Her trainings work!

Dawn Ranieri
Dawn Ranieri
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